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The reason..

What if we could make professionals live a healthy and fulfilling life, get the best out of all people and stimulate humanity to evolve?

In a world where we have more resources than ever and we are even preparing people to live on mars, an increasing number of people is facing chronic illness. Oftentimes (young) professionals work only a few years until they experience their first discomfort resulting from stress, whether it is a burn-out, feeling of constant pressure or something else. And what if I tell you that research indicates that 75%-90% of dis-ease is stress related?


Developments in fields like neuroscience, technology and brainscience provide more and more understanding of the mind-body interactions. Also, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as co-developed by Richard Bandler provides useful tools to  learn how the brain works. And even more interesting, NLP provides you tools on how to run your brain instead of let your brain run you.

The research is there .. and The MIND Engineers creates solutions.


...for founding the MIND Engineers..

The goal of The MIND Engineers is to establish a higher level of well-being in the business world by bridging the gap in knowledge  about neuroscience, well-being and mind-body interactions. This in order to prevent professionals from stress-related illness and instead find a way to contribute to the development of humanity in a meaningful way. The goal is for you to be healthy, successful and live your life the way you want it.


Let The MIND Engineers inspire you to add value to the world in a sustainable way that helps humanity evolve.

.. a innovative training and coaching company..

The MIND Engineers offers high quality training and coaching programs, with are based on principles from a combination of fields, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), neuroscience and biohacking. For an explanation about NLP click here.


In the trainings your success and well-being will be boosted by aligning the conscious and unconscious mind. Making you aware of unconscious processes gives you the chance to make a new decision about this area of your life.

.. that creates positive change in many areas of your life.

Because The MIND Engineers believes that change in your private life will affect your business life and vice versa. The MIND Engineers wants you to perform sublimal in the areas in your life that matter most to you. When people overcome their biggest fear, all of the sudden other 'issues' in their life seem not so important anymore and the mind starts to explore new ways to enrich your life naturally.



So the key question that remains: How magnificant do you want your life to be?

Learn more about the trainings here and apply today.

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